Main Goals, Standards, Aims and Objectives

Cyprus Spa Association was formed with a mission to encourage universal understanding of individual wellness and health both by motivating and educating members, potential members, government and the consumer as to the many social and economic benefits to be gained from the development of the Cyprus Spa Association

The Cyprus Spa Association main goals are:

To raise awareness and define the spa experience.

To directly engage the participation of the consumer, government and public sector, health and tourism boards as well as private sectors and corporations by way of promoting the spa experience across Cyprus.

To be recognized globally as the active and true voice of the Cyprus Spa Industry.

To develop sustainable relationships and work closely with all partners to help establish a strategy of Wellness and Health Tourism in all members.

To develop standards, accreditation and professionalism within Cyprus Spa Industry.

To inspire members and possible members as to the benefits of embarking on a program of wellness that promotes healthy living.

As main Objectives we would like to ensure continued positive growth of the Cyprus Spa Association as a whole, via member’s development, to facilitate communication between members and to ensure that all members are following agreed-upon standard operating procedures. To explore the formation of future members


Cyprus Spa Association will work very hard to improve and maintain high educational standards within the Cyprus Spa Industry to ensure that the people employed in the Cyprus Spa Industry are educated to a standard which will contribute to revitalising humanity.

Our Aims and objectives on Education are:

  • To offer an opportunity for members to develop a range of high level Spa skills.
  • To provide an opportunity for members to develop and use a range of Spa skills and competence in an operational and management context.
  • To encourage (provide) an International qualification that meets the needs of the spa industry.
  • To maintain high standards of professionalism, competency, practises and advice on appropriate training for the Cyprus Spa Industry.
  • Â To develop a knowledge and understanding of the skills of therapist.
  • To encourage an effective career path through all grades to senior management in Spa.
  • To look at the current standards in international Spas and to build a database of the qualifications required for therapists working in Cyprus Spas.
  • To find a benchmark for qualifications or facilities required for Cyprus Spa Association membership – for all Spas, Resort Spas, Hotel Spas, Day spas, Medical Spas.
  • To produce “Code of Standards and Practise” for the Cyprus Spa Association.
  • To collate different educational seminars, workshops or exchange programmes within the Spa industry.Â


  • To create a marketing plan with the Cyprus Tourism Organization promoting Cyprus as a Spa destination.
  • To establish a Cyprus Spa Association as a professional information and assistance centre for professionals in Cyprus spa industry (statistics, market research, spa developments journalist/media etc)
  • To promote joint marketing programs among spa clients.
  • To support members with valuable spa related information.
  • Cyprus Spa Association collects a data and information base with health- and spa related information with the following differentiation (specific information categories)
    • Consumer research information, trends
    • Industry information, trends
    • Other interesting topics of spa business
    • Journalist database
  • Cyprus Spa Association conducts annual Market Research with its members and cooperates with education establishments to further research in the European Spa Industry.
  • Information and press release regularly communicated to the press/media.
  • Regular articles/features with International spa magazines.
  • Cyprus Spa Association will prepare a newsletter twice a year targeted specifically for members and a comprehensive reference guide for spa users.

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