CSA at Dorchester London

CSA Vice President, Mr. Paris Kounoudis was invited by the Cyprus Tourism Organisation in London as a guest speaker to represent the Cyprus Spas in the CTO and AGTA yearly main event held in the famous Dorchester Hotel in Park Lane.

The Cyprus Tourism Organisation invited around 70 of the top travel agents who promote Cyprus for an evening welcome drink followed by a dinner.

Mr. Paris KounoudiĆ¢ presentation was focused in promoting Cyprus as a Spa destination, describing the categories of the spa industry today and all the diffrent types of spas that a traveller from UK is able to visit in Cyprus.

The comments received were very positive towards the organisation of the event. Travel agents state that the Cyprus Spa Association will play a vital role in terms of promoting Cyprus as a Spa destination, delivering high spa standards and increase the level of service in Cyprus Spas.

Press Release – Annual General Meeting

Annual General Meeting of the Cyprus Spa association

Targeting towards the quality development of our tourist product

The Annual General Meeting of the Cyprus Spa Association was held on Thursday 24/11 at the Mediterranean Hotel in Limassol.

The AGM was addressed by the President of the Cyprus Tourism Organisation Mr Alecos Orountiotis, and the vice-president of the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry Mr Demetres Solomonides.

Guest speaker was the founder and former president of the British International Spa Association (BISA), Ms. Marion Sneiter who presented the international Spa Tourism trends.

Main speaker was the President of the Association, Mr. George Tavelis who presented the goals and objectives of the Association and the special role that wellness tourism has in improving the quality of the tourist product of Cyprus.

The Cyprus Spa Association in collaboration with the CTO is actively involved in the development and promotion of wellness tourism, while contributing to the development and further improvement of wellness services in Cyprus.

The Cyprus Spa Association has recently joined the CCCI, enhancing its reputation and image as a professional tourism association.

The main objective of the Association is the development of health and wellness, both by mobilizing and educating members, and the promotion, networking, and recognition of Cyprus in the wellness industry worldwide.

Furthermore, the Association offers the opportunity to its members to develop a series of high wellness skills, maintains a high level of professionalism and provides advice for appropriate training.

The Association has already included in its agenda a series of educational seminars, workshops and other programs that will enrich both the knowledge and skills of its members that will enhance the promotion of Cyprus as a wellness destination.

Nicosia 28/11/11